About the Systems Mapping and Training Center

The Systems Mapping and Training Center provides cross-systems mapping and training services focused on a variety of topics. These topics include behavioral health; the criminal legal system; homelessness; service members, Veterans, and their families; and others. The Systems Mapping and Training Center is an initiative of Policy Research Associates (PRA).

When conducting a mapping, experts from the Systems Mapping and Training Center bring people together to develop a local network map. These people may not usually interact with one another but serve the same population. The local network map identifies resources and highlights areas of need and collaboration. With this map, communities can transform their systems from being system-centered to person-centered.

When conducting a training, experts from the Systems Mapping and Training Center bring people together to work through a curriculum. Key information within the training is customized to a community’s needs. Trainings are developed using adult-learning best practices. Time is always provided for group participation and discussion. With this training, participants can either go on to train other trainers or use their training to enhance their own work.

Our Expertise

The Systems Mapping and Training Center, operated by Policy Research, has experience with systems mapping and training that spans more than 35 years. Hundreds of communities have been served through Policy Research’s cross-systems mapping workshops and training programs. These events have taken place in urban, suburban, rural, and frontier communities. Policy Research also operates federally funded national technical assistance centers. These centers focus on housing, homelessness, the criminal legal system, behavioral health, and Veterans services.

Policy Research staff and Systems Mapping and Training Center facilitators are experts in the field. Staff and facilitators include:

  • People with lived experiences in our areas of focus (e.g., Veterans, people with behavioral health needs, family members)
  • Former service providers in jails, prisons, reentry services, Veterans’ transition services, and community-based service organizations

About Policy Research

Systems Mapping Center operated by Policy Research AssociatesPolicy Research Associates, which operates the Systems Mapping Center, is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and is a national leader in behavioral health and research. Policy Research offers four core services that help individuals with behavioral health needs achieve recovery. In partnership with its sister non-profit, Policy Research, Inc., they offer research and evaluation, technical assistance, training, and policy evaluation services. Policy Research Associates offers these services in the areas of systems mapping, behavioral health, homelessness, income supports, criminal legal system, youth opportunity and justice, recovery supports, people with lived experience, trauma, wellness, education, and service members, Veterans, and their families.

PRA was founded in 1987 with the stated mission of creating positive social change for people and communities through technical assistance, research, and training.